One: Sing it for the world…

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On August 23, 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency issued a Statement of Basis pertaining to irremediable environmental contamination in Sellersville, Pennsylvania—the intricacies of which had remained undisclosed for over a century.  Shortly after, in anticipation of lack of support from Sellersville’s legacy resident base, the below video was created in an effort to get some of the newer, Millenial-age residents in the community involved.  It was made prior to knowledge of the numerous additional issues that would be unearthed steadily throughout the subsequent years.  A local advocacy group was also founded during this time for the purpose of seeking environmental justice and protection of human health and welfare as related to the issues at hand.

This forum is a continuation of those efforts.  While the audience may have changed over the years, the intent here remains to provide the transparency and disclosure that has been wrongfully and willfully withheld for too long.  What people choose to do with this provision is up to them.  This site highlights much of what has been uncovered over a five-year period of extensive investigation and research.  Conclusions are based on facts that are supported by black-and-white evidence.  The twenty-five blog entries used to communicate this data are organized in sequence to compliment and build upon each other.  Existing posts will be updated to reflect any new information that is obtained after this page is published.  No new entries will be created.

A significant update was made in 9/2016 to blog entry “Twenty.”

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In July 2017, the aforementioned advocacy initiative that was founded in response to the issues in Sellersville was asked to join together with Lois Gibbs (Love Canal) and other individuals and organizations representing the most contaminated sites in the country to form a task force for the betterment of United States policy pertaining to Superfund legislation.  The People’s Task Force for the Future of Superfund was created in partnership with the Center for Health, Environment & Justice and is a national initiative comprised of experienced advocates who have fought for human health and environmental justice in their local communities.


Two: The “Redemptioners”

Bullshit Final

Some interesting information pertaining to the history of the Sellersville area…

Redemptioners were 18th and 19th century European immigrants, many of whom were of German decent, who gained passage to the American colonies (most often Pennsylvania) by selling themselves into indentured servitude to pay back the cost of the transatlantic voyage.  Rockhill Township, from which the municipalities of Sellersville and Perkasie were formed, was originally known as “Servants’ Township,” a little-known fact that has been omitted from many local history accounts.  Said name was given in accordance with stipulations laid out by William Penn in various land grants made during the colonial settlement of Pennsylvania.  “The Holy Experiment” was the name given to this colonization.

The influx of immigrants to America during this time was not without clerical error.  Edward Matthews, one of the few historians who was not afraid to dig beneath the superficial “truth” of Bucks County’s history, began to notice some of these clerical “mistakes” when he started to research property ownership records in the townships of Rockhill and Hilltown.  He, much like the writer of this blog, began to question exactly how many of the historic real estate transactions in this part of the county were legitimate due to the overwhelming amount of errors, omissions, inconsistencies, and duplications involved in these records.  But when research efforts are exhausted and answers to simple questions cannot be obtained, one begins to question exactly how many transactors of these real estate transactions were, in fact, legitimate persons.

Edward Matthews was a descendant of the early settlers of this region.  He knew more than most in this area, and if you read his writings, this becomes very evident.  It also becomes evident that there very well could have been a subculture included within the mass of immigrants who came to this country with different intentions in mind.

The following is an interesting passage from one of Matthews’ manuscripts describing the way in which these early settlers worked the land in the development of the aforementioned Bucks County areas:

“The land being heavily timbered, the labor requisite for clearing or for tillage was necessarily great.  At a suitable season of the year, a farmer set apart a portion of the timberland for clearing.  To this spot his neighbors were invited on a certain day, where and when at an early hour, from twenty-five to fifty as strong and healthy young men as could be collected in an equal space in any part of the world made their appearance, armed with sharp grubbing hoes of proper shape and weight.  Then the staking of ground commenced in equal spaces, apportioning to each man his lot; when at a given word, those veterans in grubbing proceeded with determined spirit and resolution to their work, tearing up the saplings with a scientific skill equal to what a Bonaparte or a Wellington, or any other human butcher was capable of in the destruction of mankind.”

Three: 108 Mews Drive, Sellersville, PA 18960

108 Mews Drive

Radiation levels measured at a residence in the Mews at Wyckford Commons subdivision in Sellersville, Pennsylvania on April 2, 2013 are reflected in the below video.  These readings—which exceed 200 CPM at various points—were taken with a U.S. federal civil defense Victoreen CD V-700 that was calibrated and certified prior to purchase.  Subsequent testing performed with a digital Rad Alert Inspector from a certified testing company averaged background radiation levels that were higher than any listed on the U.S. Radiation Network map:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, United States Environmental Protection Agency, and Pennsylvania Bureau of Radiation Protection have failed to provide numerous historic records relating to Sellersville’s radioactivity and, respectively, refused to respond to questions regarding these tests.  Inquiries requesting the disclosure of “normal” background radiation levels in the Sellersville area were also ignored and still remain unanswered.

Above video disabled 7/2017.  Reposted below.

The above reposted video was flagged and removed by YouTube after being uploaded on 7/21/17.  The video does not violate any YouTube Community Guidelines.  An appeal was filed to have the video reinstated.

YouTube Geiger Removal

Posting attempt #3:

Additional note:

The following response was received in 2013 from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after a formal request was made for information regarding Sellersville’s undisclosed uranium-related industries.


Four: Environmental Covenant – Wyckford Commons

Designation made by the United States government in 2014 declaring the Wyckford Commons subdivision unfit for residential habitation.  This has yet to be communicated to the residents of said area.



Sellersville Borough Ordinance 717 will be presented for adoption in Sellersville Borough on March 12, 2018.

Sellersville Borough Ordinance 717 provides the standards for supplied utilities, facilities, and other physical things and conditions essential to ensure that structures are safe, sanitary, and fit for occupation and use.  The ordinance also provides standards for the condemnation of buildings and structures unfit for human occupancy and use, the demolition of such existing structures in the Borough of Sellersville, the issuance of permits and collections of fees therefor, and all other ordinances and parts of the ordinances in conflict therewith.

Five: Radium Company of America – Sellersville, PA

Century-long deception on the part of municipal, county, state, and federal agencies in Bucks County, Pennsylvania that continues despite dangers to the health and welfare of local residents.

Katzenberg Drive Sellersville PABerkemeyer (printer/publisher); Fawcett (artist/photographer).  “Fair use” is supported by Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976.

Six: AMETEK U.S. Gauge – Radium 226

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is an informational document of a hazardous chemical or product that a manufacturer has produced at its facility which describes its physical and chemical properties, hazards, and recommended precautions for handling, storage and disposal.

MSDS Product:     AW1 7-8 2OUF2
Product Name:     Radium 226
Manufacturer:      AMETEK U.S. Gauge, 900 Clymer Ave., Sellersville, PA

Eight: Removed Posts and Final Commentary

Final commentary and posts regarding numerous insidious occurrences in Sellersville, Pennsylvania that were removed from the following online forum:

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